Tuesday, September 26, 2006

well a supoer quick post cos i was post more from work but another loss - this week 800 grams taking me to a total of 11.3 kilos which im more then happy with - till later =]

Well im back,,,,and think i have made a exciting decision ! The girls on the ww forum are planning to meet up on the gold coast next march (so 6 months away) and im seriously considering going, i mean by then i should have lost another 20 kilos. So whilst the plane trip still wouldnt be greatly comfortable i think its prolly completely do able. And i LOVE the gold coast I went there 10 years or so ago and had a great time. I loved movie world and it would be nice to go there again and of course do some shopping. I think Ive pretty much decided im going,,,,jsut neeed to find out if we are staying at a specific hotel or what. I dont care if we all stay at hotel of our own choice im kinda independant and like doing my own thing as well so this will be cool. And the thought of it is real exciting...and would be a great goal to help with keeping motivated and focussed with the weight loss.

Last time i went away was when i went to sydney (apart from a trip to streaky) when i was depressed over Ang still in what should have been a fun weekend i was sad and mopey all weekend...but thats 2 years ago...and now i say....hell let me go and have some fun !!!!

okies back to that thing called work =]

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Hippygal said...

whoohoo girl... congrats on yet another great loss :)