Friday, September 07, 2007

Well to say i was thrown into a bit of a spin last nite by realising that was the understatement of the year...its bizarre. I mean apart from the fact to be playing games like that online and coming on under another name is not the "x" i knew...i would not have thought her capable of that (even tho there has been suggestions of it in the past) and even tho it makes me i really am better off without her (ive never been a fan of game playing) theres still that part of me that thinks about what it was like when she was here and all those hours we would chat on the phone...which were blissful...but then there was a lot of things about our relationship that didnt work...and i think i really need to focus on why it didnt work...cos i think thats soemtimes what prevents me moving on. I mean lol i ahve come up with some pretty weak excuses for not getting to know other women (ie financial situation) and i really should be COMPLETELY at the point of moving on. So its all very strange...and i prolly ate about 7 points too many last nite...but completely back on track today. I am working this weekend and next weekend and then i get some weekends off YaY !!!am really looking forward to some normality..this working evenings and working weekends is really quite strange (even tho its nice sleeping in...altho i did overtime this morning so i was up with the birds at 7am)

On the 18th me and felicity are going to see hairspray...which should be really good ive wanted to see that movie for months since oprah had the cast on her show.

okies thats about it for today....ciao :)


Tania said...

Weekends off? OMG! Let me know dates, with this weather being so nice if you're free I think we're due for a trip to Glenelg for lunch!

kazz said...

okie dokie - email sent to arrange a catch up !

Whoever I want to be said...

Hairspray m planning to see that will be awesome I think.