Friday, September 07, 2007

Well tonite has been a interesting nite - and good news for once ! lol I grew up in sydney went to a lil school called holsworthy primary,,,,anyway i had a best friend whose name was we got older we grew apart a lil...and i actually become better friends with her younger sister leonie. well tonite via schoolfriends reunited website leonie messaged me. She still lives in sydney...and is engaged and getting married next march and wants to send me a invite to her wedding :) i have been thinking about going to sydney again for a while...i loveeeeeeee wandering around circular the lesbian & gay lifestyle that is the shopping and all the stuff there is to do. So Leonie is getting married on march got 7 months to lose more weight ! what a great extra incentive. The weight i am currently is about the same weight i was when i last saw leonie (altho when me and jody were comparing photos the other week ... we think i look slimmer now at this weight then i did back then - prolly cos of the exercise) To have something to look forward to like this is time for next big decision ! LOL....****CORE**** yep i am gonna start the core plan. I am gonna read up on it this week...but after i go to weigh in on wednesday i will try it for the next week and see how i go (i think as i slowly drop down to lower points i need to eat more low point and natural foods) and i really need to up the ante of my walks...tomorrow i am going to walk from mums up to main north road...not a huge walk but it will start me going...ooooo im excited to think i can plan a lil trip away...i think this is good and something i really need at the moment la la la la la la !!!


Tania said...

Wow you are motivated! After all core means eating more of the "V" word, how on earth will you cope? Lol

Whoever I want to be said...

What a great incentive.... :)

Have a great Sunday

Mim said...

Ooooo! A wedding to look forward to, how lovely :)

Good on you for giving core a go. I really like the idea of the core plan but the one time I've tried it I wasn't really in the disciplined head space to be successful with either program so I didn't get a proper feel for it. I'll keep it now for when I need a bit of a shake-up.