Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well day off today....and im still sitting here in my dressing gown lol@ 2pm hahahah how lazy eh? Well not really ive been pottering around taking care of house work, washing the linen and towels...but right now im watching oprah and ready, steady, go is on next lol love that show !

Yesterday i walked from my place up to sefton park which is about a 25 minute walk. And i have had no heel pain so i think i can start walking more, and when i go back to the gym think i mite start using the ole treadmill. Anyway ive decided the 4 weeks im on day shift i will be doing core...and the 4 weeks i dont i will do points...it will keep my body guessing plus i think both plans have their place.

Watched the first episode of season 2 of L word yesterday...ooo la la....hot hot hot ;)

I spoke to leonie last nite about going over in march. I need to decide now where to look for accomodation...i can prolly afford 4-5 nites accomodation...id like to stay in sydney i think..altho the wedding is near glebe and leonie lives about 6 train stations out of the city...so maybe id be better to stay at a hotel local to leonie. Ahhhh decisions, decisions. One thing i definitely wanna do whilst there is go down oxford street and do some shopping ;)

Okie dokie ready steady cook is on...off i go ! ciaooooooooo

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Anne said...

How cool...I live in Annandale which is right next to Glebe so we should organise a sydney get together while you are here!Timesfour lives in Glebe!

If you need a place to crash i have a spare room but you have to like golden retrievers cause i have 2 of em.