Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well i havent been here for a bit have i? To be honest im expecting a gain of maybe a couple of kilos this week...TTOm is due and ive had terrible cravings and fluid retention and omg so much moodiness LOL i was always really run down this week. But here is the good news...cos i was run down i went to the docs for some blood my liver needed to be retested anyway and the doc wanted to retest me for PCOS and also see if i ahd a virus (which i did/do have) liver should be a maximum of july it was 322 (eeeeek) well this week its dropped to 189 which is a huge improvement. Also...they retested the PCOS...and get ready for it...i barely have it anymore...doc says its practically non existant so what im doing is the right thing. Anyway will go weigh in on wednesday get the dreaded news then on friday i start on core...

Im going to see missy higgins ! So exciting. Felicity told me last nite to keep dec 7 free as she bought me a ticket to see missy higgins for my ooo la la that will be fun.

There is really not a lot else to say...altho its 12.30am and im still at work ... another 30 minutes and i can go home thankfully...enjoy ur weekend all !

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