Saturday, September 22, 2007

well okay lil ms slack ass is finally making a post ! well was kinda bad last week...but friday started core. And well hears the lesson for increase your fibre ---- drink lots of water !!!! omg i didnt and i had the worst freaking pain today. But i am finding the core not craving foods...and i can still spend 3 points a day on different things. Anyway so went to the docs today cos it was giving me so much pain...the doc poked and prodded ... told me my gall bladder is still sensitive...and said hes not surprised by that considering how much weight ive lost...and he expects ill eventually end up having it out. He then checked his records...and by their scales i had previously been 171.3 he was super impressed with my weight loss...he told me my BMI has decreased by equivilent to a small thats all good news. tomorrow i am off...gonna do some housework....and just relax...and sleep innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. All else is going good...altho over the last few weeks ive established i am committment phobic lol i mite write more about that another time...okiessssssssss im off !

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