Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well..core was fun while it lasted lol...ive come to the conclusion (once again) that points works best for me. So i am back on points...but im still gonna try and lean towards core in eating whole grain bread...beefing up my fruit and vegetables etc.

Friday night we are going to the wheaty ! YaY ! I havent been out for ages what with working evenings and me and felivity are meeting up for dinner in o'connell street and then heading off to meet some friends at the wheaty...which as felicity said there will be lesbians everywhere lol...friday night is apparantly girls nite at the wheaty. So im really looking forward to a fun evening.

I have also come to the conclusion im not committment phobic...jody said to me the other nite..."your picky but you just havent met the one who rocks your socks" lol and shes prolly right...i know im a fussy so and just not gonna get involved with just anyone....but time will tell.

Well not much else to on track...enjoy ur nite all

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