Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So on my scales yesterday morning i was 114.2 kilos YAY :) I weighed in last nite and had lost 800 grams for the week and my body fat had gone up by .4% but as i had such a high loss of body fat the week before (1.4%) it prolly wasnt surprising...but over the last month its done a drop of over 3%!!! I am really rather happy with how the losses seem to be going...the 800 gram one is the smallest for a few weeks but as TOM is due over the next few days i think its freaking damn awesome LOL

I did about 75 minutes on the treadmill last nite (a lil running...some incline and just plain old walking) i then went and did a 60 minute body pump class...i increased the weights for the entire class...omg especially on the chest track i thought i was dying!! I expected really sore arms today ... they are a lil tired but nothing too bad.

Tonite i am going back in their 45-60 minutes on the treadmill then a 45 minute RPM class. Last nite i burned 1046 calories. My nutritionist wants me to keep my calories burnt at around 3000 and not go higher as it would mean more tweaking off my calories i eat. So i am thinking as i may only workout 4 days this week and even then i may still be a lil over 3000 calories. I noticed last week it took me a hour less to burn the same amount of calories as the week before. So eve basically wants me to keep doing different stuff...different keep upping the weights in body pump...basically keep my body from getting use to stuff.

Okies thats all for now...enjoy all!

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