Sunday, July 25, 2010

i have noticed something this week...i am seeing a definite trend with eating high calories and also working out. So i am trialling something this week...and working out my calories a lil different. I have been thinking for a few weeks i should put my calories back up to 1800 with hitting that 3000 calorie burn mark. Now what i noticed yesterday...was burnt just over 900 was a high calorie eating day so had eaten about 1000 by late afternoon. Now i always weigh myself before dinner time (yes im obsessive i KNOW lol) anyway all week its been fluctuating at this time of day between 116 and 116.5 kilos...not yesterday was done to yes you could say im just overly obsessive but what that tells me is that eating the high calories with the high calorie burn is what sets my metabolism into action. So im going to trial eating 1800 calories on monday to thursday...1500 on friday...2100 on saturday and 1500 on sunday, which averages out around 1757 per day. Fridays for the past few weeks i have been eating 1200-1350 and really struggling i end up this is this weeks test! And 6 days of the heck did that happen? hehe!!


How did everyone go with their 6km of walking?? I did mine spread out over the week in the end...and on the treadmill to assist my feet...was it the first time doing 6km for anyone? Share your times if you want too...but let us know how you went!

This weeks challenge is 50 pushups...sounds scary i know but can do them on your knees - full push ups - or against a wall. Its really important tho with them you do them with correct form so i found this video which explains form : click here So do them all at once or spread them out over the week...and then dont forget to let us all know how you did! Have a good week all =]


Jaimee said...

Hey :)
I did my 6 kms, was pretty tight though. Some days i could only fit in a ten minute walk due to a sore back, but i got the last 3kms in this morning.
I was well rewarded becuase it was a beautiful sunny day, and i was happy to be out.
50 push ups! Great idea, ill give it my best.
Big kiss x Jaimee x

kazz said...

heyyyyyyyy my favourite blonde!!! We so need to do another catchup at some stage. So glad your doing this too ! Hope ur back is getting better tho chicka x

To Band or not To Band? said...

I was going to do a 6km real walk today and have a case of the squirts! Sorry, TMI! Luckily though, I did 3 x 45 minute workouts on the treadmill for the first 3 days this week and i am sure that added up!?! Will try and add it to the 50 pushups so that I don't feel like I already failed!

Anonymous said...

I managed the 6km wed morning, was damn hard work, my back has been killin me since, did it on the treadmill. Didnt help that my coach was standing there saying u have to run some of it! Bastard! Anyway did it in 57mins and 2 secs. Was proud of that, not lookin forward to the city to bay now thats for sure hehe. Anyway, will do the 50 push ups this week. Will do the all in one thing, pushups are actually something i can do and only did 50 straight the other week, so will let u know how i go. Good luck Kazz u are doing great 8-)

Effie said...

I would love to join in your exercise challenges and push ups are a huge challenge for me, I am lucky to do 2 and that's on the knees. Even in classes at the gym when they throw some in at the end - I do sit ups instead - pathetic I know!! I will do my best and I know they will have to be spread over the week.

You are so good with all your calories.

Are you still doing your virtual triathlons? I loved that idea as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi I posted here last night and it went to Cyber land... yes you all have motivated me I went for a walk every morning before work, 2kms it soon adds up... last nights post said that I shall continue with the next challenge, by breaking them down.. see how I go..
Back into it Cheers Amanda