Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yum i just had ravioli carbonara and garlic bread for dinner! Todays my high calorie day and that was delishus. This morning i burnt over 900 calories at the gym (thats huge for me!) i did about 50 minutes on the treadmill..a PT session of resistance work and then a 60 minute body balance class. Today i did 55 kilos on the LAT pull down and also on the leg press...and 45 kilos on the chest press!!! GO ME!!! Fiona is super impressed with the weights im doing for my upper body. She was telling me today she went to a workshop yesterday about stretching etc she is just waiting for the gym to buy some new equipment and then pretty much the stretching at the end of each session will stop. She basically told me...stretching for me is pointless anyway lol...i am VERY flexible to the point fiona said i am verging on being hyper mobile. I notice it in classes too...these skinny lil girls and we are say...cross legged and having to bend at the hips aiming our chest to the floor...i go a long way down but these skinny girls barely move lol...cant imagine how close ill get to the floor once i lose my stomach! LOL Anyway they are going to be buying rollers and balls etc...and fiona will figure out my trigger points...with the rollers etc and it will be something that we will build a routine of so i can do on my own too.

Tonite i tried on a top...i bought it late last it from Asia LOL china i think off ebay....gorgeous dressy like a saphire blue barely fitted me at the bust and had no chance across my hips/stomach...well it now fits! We have the ww dinner at the end of i may even venture and buy a black skirt to wear with im turning into a lady! And speaking of turning into a lady...i mentioned a few weeks ago about what reward i will have for reaching 100 kilos.(or getting under to be exact) ive thought and thought about this...and come up with it ;) Firstly...i wear basically no jewellery apart from my heart rate ring (havent worn a ring since i gave ang back hers!) well i dont want a ring or bracelet cos it would be too easy to get caught on something at the i am thinking of a necklace with a significant pendant...something that signafies my new life at under 100 kilos and the next step in the journey....not sure of the pendant tho...i did think of a butterfly pendant....not sure of any other real symbol that mite mean new beginnings or freedom or happiness? The second part of the a trip away....the last time i went away apart from streaky bay to visit my sister and her family...was about 6 years ago...was a few months after i broke up with ang...and i was miserable...i went to sydney...had a awful time...had to ask for a extension for my belt on the plane...i even changed my flight home to a earlier time cos i was so miserable. Sydney has always been significant for i lived there from 7 years to a few weeks before my 15th before....i love the harbor bridge and circular quay and am even tempted to think about doing the harbor bridge climb? Anyway i think it would get a voodoo off my back...hopefully no extension belt...a nice relaxing time...strolling around circular quay...and living up to that goal of never getting on a plane again till i got under 100 thinking of booking it for december 10...i figure even if i am not under 100 kilos at that point i would be very close to it!

I just watched a really good documentary called "processed people" check out ive seen a few of these docos now...and find them fascinating and just ingrain in me more and more how i dont want processed crap in my life...another good one was Food Inc...they are american docos and based on the american food industry and our industries arent as bad as theirs (i dont think) but it is still very eye opening

Hope everyone has a good saturday night!


Emily said...

The harbour bridge climb would be amazing. I'd do it, if I weren't freaked out at the thought of it. hehe.

I feel like a slob when I read your blog - I don't exercise half as much as you. You are quite an inspiration!! :o)

do you convert your calories from KJ online? I don't understand them at all - but have been thinking about looking into that side of things (in the future).

I hope you do go to Sydney and have a wonderful time!! :o)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great idea.... you certainly have it all worked out and heading in the right direction.... Inspirational + WI this morning lost 600gms happy with that.... walked like you suggested this week thanks... Amanda

Pinky said...

Sounds like a fun plan with Sydney and so many new experiences to replace the old.
I like the necklace Idea as well!
Will have a think about the symbol as well as I defintely think going under 100 is an awesome achievement - Can't wait to get there either!
Have a great day