Friday, July 23, 2010

Well yanno...firstly life is pretty dandy at the moment. I am starting to really get that love for the gym back and im really enjoying that (altho with the amount of time i tell my trainer she is mean and horrible you would question that)

Last night i went to the gym and did the RPM class lol...omg all day i thought should i do combat or rpm...when i got to the gym i decided to bite the bullet and ta-da did RPM. I have done the class before about a year ago or a lil over a year. When i did it back then it killed me...i could only do some of the cycling while standing up...and it just drained the heck out of me and i just didnt feel like i coped. This time fitness wise i found quite doable...i didnt go super hard as i didnt wanna tire out within 10 minutes of the class starting...all the cycling while standing up i did with ease...and to be honest apart from a sore butt i really enjoyed it. And in 45 minutes it also burned 500 calories. Then i was on the treadmill and sarah who ran the class came up to me and said "omg you had such good form....your a natural cyclist" hehe so i will be back next wednesday nite to do it again. So its quite doable now for me to do 3 PT sessions per 1 body combat class, 1 body balance class, 1 body pump class and 1 RPM class...and when i can make it body jam...thats a pretty good balance if you ask me. Plus the additional cardio i do...I then went and did a PT session...omg mean mean trainer i have...i was doing knee kicks on a high step (20 of them) then would have to go running...then back to the knee kicks then running me after 20 knee kicks my legs feel like lead lol so running isnt fun! lol but i survived my legs feel rather heavt and tired today but all worth it in the long run.

Not much else going on...halfway thru friday (thank gawd!) Tomorrow...i have a PT session of weghts...60 minutes on the treadmill and then a body balance class...hopefully i will manage to burn 700 calories (finding it harder and harder to hit high calories cos my fitness level has increased so much!)

Hope everyone has a fab friday =]

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To Band or not To Band? said...

I am sooooo jealous of all the gym access you have! Here we have limited classes and they are all during my work hours! I am working out at home, but the intensity is just not the same!