Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well im having today off from the gym...ive really hammered my feet the last few ive exercised the last 4 days....and plus well i just damn well deservie it lol

Found this great link last nite for healthy sauces and marinades for chicken...gonna try one tonite...chicken cooked in a tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce and 1/2 cup crushed pineapple...and im gonna have it with salad. I know its winter and not exactly salad time...but im not a "casserole or stew" type person and i dont like roasted vegetables so this is a good way to get my nutrients in despite the cold.

I feel a lot better scales dropped this mornign and seem to match eves scales YAY so i am feeling more relaxed and in control of things...and to be honest right at this moment life is pretty damn dandy...lets home i can score another loss this week coming. I had really hoped to be under 110 kilos by the ww girls weekend in Adelaide...thinking i wont make that now...but even if i got down to somewhere between 112-113 kilos id be pretty damn happy!

Not to much else going on...just a super quick post (gawd my posts are BORING lately! lol)...enjoy all :)

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Gae (GaeChann) said...

Hello Kazz! I'm with you with the salads! I always have a big one for lunch then a smaller dinner - often only home-made soup!
Keep up the great work - you're such an inspiration especially fitness wise!
Gae oxoxo