Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well went to the gym tonite...did 35 minutes on the treadmill...didnt go too hard as my feet are still adjusting to the orthotics...then i went to weigh in...well i lost 1.4 kilos AND my body fat dropped by 1.4%!! So i was 116.1 kilos and body fat 46.1% i lost between 5.cm and 1.5cm off my bust, arms, hips, waist and upper thigh...but my lower thigh and under my bust increased by 1 cm each. So i am starting to think (and accept) that my body may be going thru more adjustments with the muscles etc. Anyway no stress lol...i did discuss with my nutritionist and we decided i am to stick with burning 3000 calories per week...and increase my calories to 1650 calories per day...only a additional 150 calories per day...but hopefully that helps with the scales! The other thing was when i was at the gym...i was wondering to the toilet...in just my jeans and a tanktop...and one of the trainers stopped me and said "you are looking so good...you have lost heaps of weight" mwuauauauau!!!! Then after weighing in i did body pump...omg i am expecting very sore arms tomorrow...i increased by weights tonite...not by much 2.5 kilos but it sure made a difference...i lasted half the class at the higher weights then i had to give up LOL mite have to try the whole class next week. Quite funny how i am still on low weights on that class (i was doing 7.5 kilos) yet with fiona i do things up to 52.5 kilos lmfao...but i guess thats the difference with endurance and more direct high weights.

So a good day all!

PS AIRLIE...yes yes about the city to bay....if you can make it maybe we can go to lunch afterwards?


To Band or not To Band? said...

ooh! That sounds gr8! I will see if I can book an appointment for that week and head down on friday! Excitement plus!

Hippygal said...

Awesome loss :-)