Monday, July 19, 2010

Argh....turns out this week i went over my calories by 500 dayam calories!! I decided to look back thru calorie king...and initially i thought i was 3500 calories over lmfao...but for some reason calorie king keeps adding extra foods in...its done it today too...makes it very hard to do accurate counting when that happens! But last thursdays i also did actually read wrong...least it explains why ive maintained over the last few days...friday i prolly went over with food at the work function and saturday i reckon i went over by 200 calories. It even makes me wonder if i should go back to doing ww points...simply cos of the reliability of calorie king...but im very loath to do that. Points...calories all really the same thing...its still complicated with my amount of exercise points working out how much i should or shouldnt eat. And i think this is partly where im struggling at the moment. I think when i went in tomorrow nite ill be lucky if i even get a 200 gram loss and when u consider i gained 1.7 kilos the week before thats kind of appalling. Then again maybe i should suggest to eve i follow the slim plan for a few weeks...maybe the calories do need to be higher or maybe they need to be lower...something needs to change ... and the problem is im worrying about it all so my cortisol levels have prolly risen which doesnt help.

When i spoke to fiona the other day she told me she thinks i need to throw out my scales...LOL...and maybe shes right...cos it does do my head in a bit at the moment...but i also know...knowing i have to weigh in each morning adds a level of accountability for me. As to my weight numbers....when i saw eve on tuesday last week i was 117.5 kilos by her maybe if i do end up throwing out my scales i should just focus on her scales...taking into account my body fat and measurements (which she is doing tomorrow nite since ive been so stressed!)

Not really too much else to say...gym tonite...30-45 minutes of cardio...PT session of core work and then body me lawd LOL

Enjoy all!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

Enjoy the gym babe! Have you thought of Sparkpeople? Kind of the same as CK, but a little more reliable