Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well lawdie its been a few days since I last posted and my head has been all over the place.

So friday i wore my skirt, stockings (or stickings as i referred to them on facebook! lol) and girlie heels. The only real problem was the stockings were about 1-2 inches too short. I kept doing the "stocking hike" all day as I referred to it...much to the amusement of the bois. By about 4pm i had had a gutful of the stockings tho and ripped them off. That unfortunately not only made me feel very naked but thats when i managed to score a couple of blisters...of the price of beauty! lol The food at this function left a lot to be desired (and normally its pretty much kick arse) So wasnt impressed they didnt feed us till 4pm (ffs!!) and then it was pretty crappy...i ended up having these lil tiny pastries (size of a 20 cent piece) with a chicken and macadamia feeling and one mini fillet mignon. It was suppose to be my low calorie day of 1200 calories...I think i went over by maybe 100 calories...and the scales went UP!! Went up to 116 kilos (i had been 115.6 kilos the day before) so when i got up saturday morning i was super pissed i texted fiona...told her i am all over this and wouldnt be in for PT lol following a couple of texts fiona was like...just come in and i will stretch you and massage you. So i said yes to that....but of course if i was going in i thought i mite as well do boxing lol...fiona was like i thought you would decide to do a normal session but she thought the stretch and massage mite have been good for me "mentally" Anyway we did boxing then at the end she said... some day i should graph your lil meltdowns and how long it takes you to get back to the gym...only took you a hour or so today...then she was like...i know right now you dont feel focused but u really are focused. Then she said something...which i have been thinking about...she said ...
"plus your journey is so public" to which i replied "yeh and so many think i am superhuman" now i dont say that in a bad journey is very public...but losing 55+ kilos i wonder if it couldnt have been anyway? I know part of this is from my fb updates, my journal a lot of ways im glad i did helped me last year when i struggled with compliments...putting them online made them easier for me to deal with....its giving me such a full account when whenever i struggle i always refer back too...and i also find...that ive become a bit of a wealth of information for others (and no i dont have a big head! lol if i can help someone i am more then happy to help them =]) i do get quite a few messages asking for advice whether its on how to get motivated...or different diets or gym plans...and i am thrilled people think enuff of me to ask me for my opinion (and its all part of that paying it forward thing i sometimes mention). After the gym i went home for a while then headed over to a friends house for a bbq. I was on a high calorie day and had 2000 calories for the day...but bbqs and parties where they have nibbles and stuff out i always struggle ! Anyway by the time i got home i was up to 2200 calories - oops! But i decided not to stress over up this morning...and i was down 200 grams! And that was with eating salty jatz biscuits and very salty cabana. I didnt expect the scales to go down at all...which makes me think even more...that i am not eating today i have increased by calories by 300 calories (taking me to what my sunday calories were when eating 1800 calories) my gut instinct is to go back up to 1800 calories (as i maintained on that number of calories) and ensure i burn 3000 calories...and if that doesnt work.....then cut back to 1700 calories till i find the sweet spot with my exercise and food. The aim this week exercise wise was to burn 3000 did take me just over 8 hours and 47 minutes...but i managed to burn 2908 im pretty impressed with my effort this week (shame the scales arent showing it but oh well!) Today tho i did manage a long week! I am super impressed...was a 6km walk...took me 65 minutes and 5 seconds (use to take me about 70 minutes at least) i did feel the odd twinges in my feet but i think thats my feet just adjusting to the orthotics :) Also this morning one of my friends from work messaged me to see if i wanna do the city to bay with her (on september 19) she will be about 5 months pregnant at that point...and i think just managing to walk it considering whats been going on with my feet will be challenging enuff (it is a 12km route) so ive got a copy of a walking program to build up to that so will incorporate that into my training for the next 9 my exercise routine this week will be:

m - 30 minute walk + PT session of core + body jam
t - 60-75 minutes of 2 minutes walking 1 minute running
w - RPM class (told fiona i would try this UGH!)+ body balance/or 30 minute walk + 30 minutes of 2 minutes walking 1 minute running
t - body combat + PT boxing + 30 minute walking or 30 minutes walking + PT boxing + pilates
f - day off
s - PT weights + 1 hour of cardio (mix of running, walking and walking on incline) + body balance
s - 6km walk

So i am figuring that should definitely get me hitting 3000 calories...and sounds like a good decent plan to me!


So the challenge for week 1 is a 6km walk...its not a contest or anything...just get out there and walk....if u use a treadmill its easy to know when you have walked for 6km....if your outside and not can use this website. Plot your walk and then convert to kilometres. If your new to exercise...or still building up to that long a walk for any reason...then do a 3km walk...even if you only walk 500 metres per day over 6 days you will still do it...then all come back next monday morning and post how you went...whether its telling me about the view you enjoyed...the time you did...or how you struggled...if you can time it brilliant (we will prolly do the walk again in 10 weeks to see if we have improved or not) Have a good week everyone!


Jess said...

This challenge will be great for me! I've signed up for my first 5km and I'm prtetty sure that I will mostly walk it.

So this week I'm aiming to do 2 x 3km walks!

Will definately report back by next Sunday : )

To Band or not To Band? said...

I am in! Do you want some company for the city to bay?!? I would love to do it!

Anonymous said...

Testing 1.2.3 LOL
Sounds great, so how often to we report back? will be a good motivation kick off. Thanks ;-)