Thursday, July 15, 2010

Well yanno yesterday was such a shitty day but today was FAB!!! And the first bit of news...the scales went down 400 grams over nite! Im still 700 grams higher then last saturday morning but its a step in the right direction mwuahahahaha

I had the day off...zoomed up to get my eyebrows waxed this morning...dealt with bank for banking a cheque (the bloody births, deaths and marriages issued me a refund for my name change but the silly twits did it in my old would think they of all people would know my new name!) Picked up some metamusil lol...then went and visited mum...(and i scored a bottle of red door!) then i went to the podiatrist. My orthotics were ready and whilst i realise it will take a week or so to adjust...the difference was freaking amazing. For the first time in god knows how long i walked without ankle pain!! holy crap!!! And funnily enuff after my small walk...i was sitting down took them off....and got pain! I wore them for a hour and half today...tomorrow ill wear them a couple of hours tomorrow nite...and then saturday im gonna wear them at the gym. Ultimately they only cos $318 so not too bad at all! Then i went shopping....bought some new real girls shoes lol and some STOCKINGS! I bought 3 pairs...first pairs i have bought in over 20 years...i bought some thick cotton black ones, a pair of black opaque ones and some nude colour ones...yay :)

Then i went to the gym...i did 40 minutes on the treadmill (YAY)....30 minutes of a pt session of core....and there was one part were we were doing this one exercise...and im like i cant do stomachs too fat....fiona starts thinking about other exercises...and i just thought just bloody try u dumb ass lol so i did...i struggled but i did it...fiona turned around and thats self motivation make sure u put that on ur journal LMFAO then i went and did a 45 minute body pump class...and then did a 60 minute body combat really feels so good to be back into everything...and im more convinced then ever that these orthotics are gonna help heaps.

And tomorrow i am really looking forward to wearing my size 16 skirt and a real girl...if i dont get my photo snapped at tomorrow arvos function i will take one when i get gonna be a lil nice to me gonna have a champagne or two...and im gonna have some nibblies...we only have these events at work twice a year and i am planning to enjoy it (plus some fats in my diet for a few days may help get "things" moving lol)

Okies off i go!

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To Band or not To Band? said...

Come on Kazz! DOn't make us wait for the skirt and stockings pic!!!