Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well gawd what a day! Last nite i gymed it...i burnt 550 calories and only ate 1400 calories and low and behold i gained another 200 by my scales ive gained 1.4 kilos. When i went to the gym last nite and saw eve we discussed everything...and she did say a few things that i went "duh" was...she was like you really need to burn 3000 calories with ur exercise each week...i was like yanno i know exercise shapes your body but i really havent found it affects my losses....she then explained...that was fine when i was bigger as it took more effort just to breathe and day to day not only smaller now but my BMR is a lot lower now...ok yep makes sense i hadnt really thought about that before ! She also muscles prolly are changing shape...the points on my legs and arms where she measures me may have increased but other points of my limbs quite likely have reduced due to my muscle reshaping. Ok that makes more sense to me now. Anyway we discussed the numbers going up...i know my eating is spot she was like lets just change your exercise initially...just burn 3000 calories this week. Which i was fine with till this morning when i saw ANOTHER jump on those darn scales...after being in a foul mood over this i may have made a discovery! And its that wretched diet coke...i have been feeling a lil constipated its 3 weeks since i stopped drinking diet coke...started googling things and discoverred diet coke (and artificial sweeteners) is a laxative!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was like a big "duh" moment!! So right now i am drinking a diet coke...cant say its fabulous or anything...but im simply drinking it under the premise that it does have laxative ability...tonite ill go back to that wretched gym again lol then tomorrow ill go to the chemist and look for something as natural as i can...ill stick with things as they are and wait and see what happens over the next few days. LOL

So im calmer and feel better about everything now...hopefully this is the answer.

Tonight im off to the gym....last nites cardio workout was really good...i rode the bike for 6km then did 5 minutes walking 1 minute running (yay running!!) and i did about 5 rounds of that...then i jumped back on the bike for another 5kms. So was good and i felt accomplished...funny thing about running i always feel like i am accomplishing something. Tonite ill go back in and do the same thing...ill suffer with the foot pain (i get my orthotics tomorrow!!) and then ill do body balance (physio thinks its good i do this 1-2 times per week to help with my stability)

Tomorrow i am will do the same cardio at lunch time...then head of to the podiatrists...then back to the gym for some more cardio...then a PT session of core..body pump class...body combat class (yes tomorrow is a BIG gym day lol)...also have to go get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow and go shopping for shoes and lo and behold stockings...okies off i go ! Enjoy all


Emily said...

Funny you mentioned about the Diet Coke - I have been feeling "odd" since I have stopped the pepsi max and put on last week too (I weigh in tomorrow and expect a gain then too for some reason).
i haven't felt like I need to have a laxitive though, but it is quite interesting with the gaining after quitting!!
Good luck next week!! :o)

Tina said...

My FH drinks cans of coke zero daily and has so much trouble in "that" department.. he can't go. Can too much have the opposite effect?.. lol
He has joined WW now so his intake of fruit and veg has skyrocketed.. I thought that would help. :(