Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jess asked me a question which i thought i would answer in a post. Some will already know the answer to those...dont be bored skip this post ;)

So the question was why did i change from ww to counting calories.

Early last year I was doing ww....but i had increased my exercise substantially...i was eaily earning 60+ exercise points per week...i was sticking to points...but i was plateaud. Mid last year when I plateaud I decided to start to throw myself into this lifestyle and read everything i can. I KNEW there had to be a reason why i wasnt losing but couldnt figure out what. So i started reading a lot...then november last year i had a big chat to my personal trainer. Now those who know me...know i adore jilian the conversation i was saying how frustrated i was how the weight wasnt shifting....and my trainer turned around and said "what would jillian do" ... over the next few weeks i pulled out Jillian Michaels had a calorie calculation which i used to work out how many calories and took into account my exact number of calories burnt via exercise...then i read another of her books called "master your metabolism" all those things combined made me decide to give calorie counting a try. So january 1 i started calorie counting....and after a 7month plateau i have lost 20 kilos since it worked for me :) I have no negative views of ww...but it wasnt for me...i exercise too much for their calculations to work for me.

Any other questions feel free to ask! :)


Jess said...

So all you count is calories while making sure you eat enough vegies and fruit too? Do the kcal on the polar watch equal the amounts you burn or do you have to convert them? One more (for now) - how do you know how many calories are in each food? do you have a book or is it online?

: )

kazz said...

Hi Jess - My HRM shows me how many calories i burn with exercise...and gives me a weekly total. I track my food online at but i also have a calorie counting app on my phone and also a lil calorie king calorie book today which i keep in my handbag. I basically eat non processed foods (i never eat low fat products) so i generally just track my calories and watch the sodium levels (calorie king records that too) Hope that helps!

the tomorrow girl said...

Thankyou for the valuable info! Ive been following weight watchers with mixed success and ive now started calorie counting.
Im going to check out calorie king now so thankyou for posting your info :)
And I think I will be shopping for a heart rate monitor soon...!