Thursday, July 01, 2010

Boy what a day! I am trying to do a quick post while my lentils cook...before i make my loaf I mentioned in my previous post.

Anyway went to the gym...burnt 472 and my snotty nose did a double PT session....which was weights and core...i did 50 kilos on the LAT pull down and 35 on the chest press...not bad considering i am not well and all congested and yucky! Fiona constantly kept asking me if i was okay lol mustnt have looked too great. She got me on a new piece of cardio equipment too called the vescaclimber (i think) anyway she seemed impressed at how well i did on didnt seem that hard...bit tiring and felt weird but cardio wise i felt fine on it. It also was no pressure on my foot so she has suggested i use that "climbing" 50 metres....and then work on my time to get faster at it. So thats something else i can incorporate in my cardio workouts.

I then went to the podiatrist. I tell you it feels like i finally am getting some answers! I did a full assessment,,,and basically....theres a few shin bones when you rotate your foot in your shin bone should be part of that movement...mine isnt...he thinks a lot of this could be related to my shin bone and its workings with my ankle joint. He also suspects i have either broken one or two of my ankles and i have never known it! LOL So tuesday morning i am off for xrays to see what exactly the old injuries are and whats going on then ill see him later that morning. He did a few small adjustments today but once he has the xrays he will do a lot more work on the ankles...he explained (due to my over point and the fact its several issues) that my scenario is a "unusual" scenario....and as i do "unusual" amounts of activity...we have to tackle this in a "unusual" no orthotics...he did mention accupunture also and chinese im glad he isnt just a doc who goes down the straight and narrow and he simply didnt say "pay me for orthotics" He told me he promised kylie (my physio) to take special care for me so he gave me a concession price on the assessment today and he put on the paperwork for the xray not to charge me! hehe! He has also given me a exercise which is with my feet to write the alphabet in the air lol twice a day which is suppose to help with getting my joint moving.

Gae - to answer your question i dont really drink hot tea or coffee...altho kylie (my physio) when i told her about my getting of diet soft drinks she suggested a rose and hibiscus tea,,,its in my cupboard but i havent tried it yet. I have been mostly drink water and mineral water...but when out and when calories allow i have been having a can of lemonade (150-167 calories dependent on the brand). Fiona (my trainer) actually spoke to one of the nutritionists at my gym and she said its better to have a normal coke or soft drink occassionally then drink the diet soft drinks cos of all the artificial sweeteners...which is why i have tackled it that way. I have a lot of links that Fiona has given me which details a lot about why you should try and cut out artificial sweeteners...its definitely enlightening!

OK off to try and cook this loaf...wish me luck all!


Hippygal said...

I am sure that loaf went well, and maybe with the x-rays you might just get some answers with the ankle. Have a happy weekend :-)

To Band or not To Band? said...

thank gosh you are getting looked after! I can just imagine you doing the alphabets under your desk at work!! Lol!