Thursday, July 08, 2010

So the good news is i managed to get next thursday off...which means i can get my orthotics a week earlier (good thing since i stepped on my foot today and had a slight twist ugh)

My scales have been going down nicely this week! Cannot wait for weigh in on sturday morning ;) Pinky asked about me taking fish oil tablets...the reason i take them is fiona (my trainer) went to a fitness convention earlier in the year...and every seminar she attended whether trainers, dieticians, etc they all recommended fish oil each day (mainly for preventative measures from degenerative diseases but of course they help with ur joints too) and so fiona did get on my ass and tell me she wanted me to be taking i adverse reason not too and if they help long term then i am happy for that!

Food wise things are going good still. So no complaints...hopefully a nice loss tomorrow !


Pinky said...


Natalie said...

Hey Kazz - I've been thinking about you today while I've been in my blue funk. You absolutely amaze me with your ability to stay focussed on your weight loss journey. It says a lot about your mental strength - what a powerful woman you are!

Just wanted to say that!

kazz said...

Hi natalie! Thats so nice of you to me I struggle at times too! But yanno i struggled for bit after i moved too...i think its the toll of everything gets to u once the drama is all over...hope you start feeling better!