Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Well went to the podiatrist AGAIN today...had the cast made up of my foot and the orthotics i will get on the 22nd :) Money wise its not been that expensive...the cast cost me $58 and after my private health rebate the orthotics themselves are only $ not too bad at all. I then went to see my physio....she has given me a exercise to do at home every second day...they have decided to change their tact a lil...first of all they were gonna work on my mobility...but apparantly when i run the muscles on each side of my ankle arent stable enough and i wobble when i they are gonna work on building the stability of those muscles up as well as work with me on how i take off when running etc. So i feel like im making progress...and there is a thought in the back of my brain that maybe i can walk the city to bay this year...thats obviously still up in the air...but theres a chance.

I then went to the gym...did a few minutes on the treadmill...then the bodyjam class (where the trainer nikki nearly died of shock at seeing me in one of her classes! lol) and then i did a few minutes on the versaclimber.

My physio has booked in a session with fiona for next wednesday i need to try and organise half a day off work...the whole day off would be better but i think i am going to be pushing it to get a whole day off unfortunately.

Not much else going to watch some tv...enjoy all!

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Pinky said...

Hey there - glad to hear the feet situation is coming along nicely - I too have to look into mine a bit more!
But on another note - on the boards you mentioned you take a fishoil capsule -i think it was
How do you find that? noticed any changes/improvements
Thanks Lisa