Tuesday, July 06, 2010

So i finally got my answers about my feet! My left foot was broken at some point...but its actually healed pretty good. He said it was a bad break too not just a lil break. The right foot tho ive never broken i have injured it quite badly at some point and the joint has lots of crap in it...i also have 2 bones (when i flex my foot back) that are hitting each other. He did say if a surgeon saw my xrays they would want to operate on my right foot lol. So at least i now know why they been so friggin sore! Tomorrow i am going back and they are gonna do the measurements for a cast for orthotics. He has been really good saying if i need some extra time to pay them off thats fine...but he expects ill only have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for the orthotics themselves. He will also then do some work on my mobility and stability as well as working on me changing the way i take off on my feet when running and walking. I am really glad to know whats going on and why ive had such bad pain...but its all a step in the right direction ( must admit im getting tired of spending my days off at medical professions offices)

I then went to the gym did about 25 minutes on the treadmill...a body balance class and then a PT session of core. I am about to nip back in there...to do my measurements...then home for a early nite :)

So overall a busy but productive today...hope everyone has a fab day!


Jess said...

At least you now know what's wrong, do you think you'll have an operation?
I have orthodics for my shoes (because I have flat feet, which meant knee problems and back problems) and love them. Hopefully you'll notice a difference!

Hippygal said...

Good you know what is happening now, when they x-ray my right leg now, they see so many old injuries that sometimes they think that is is a new injury until I tell them that I have broken that leg 4 times.... lol. I also am suppose to be having surgery but I keep putting it of cause it will mean 6 months with no exercise and 3 months of that in a cast, I will much rather adapt my exercise and put up with the pain lol....