Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well weighed in and lost 800 grams...taking me down to 115.0 kilos...bit pissed because thursday morning it was 114.7 kilos...but its still a solid loss so all good...if I could lose 800 grams every week i would be more then happy! I think the key i need to work on is exercise! I know...yes im normally good with this side of things and i havent been terrible...just not as good as usual (I am about 2 hours short this week) but its back to my normal routine next week...i have only done 2 PT sessions the last 2 weeks...just due to my schedule etc...but this week i go back to weekends i have thursday ok my schedule for exercise this week will be like this :

monday : either 45 minutes cardio and PT boxing or PT boxing and body jam
tuesday : 45 minutes cardio
wednesday : RPM (maybe lol)
thursday : body combat and PT core or body pump and PT core
friday : none
saturday : PT resistance plus body balance
sunday : possibly 45 minutes cardio

So its at least 4 full on exercise days...but ill try and get up to 6 days...we will see if that happens or not.

Thursday I get the orthotics...i hope i can start doing my walks outside pretty quickly after getting them...if so i mite try and do a long walk on sunday...which i havent done since prolly april! LOL wont know myself but if the weather is decent would be nice to get out there for a nice walk!

Ok off to do some more work....enjoy ur saturday all!

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Hippygal said...

Congrats on the loss :-) and hope the orthotics work for you.