Saturday, July 03, 2010

Well work has slowed down a lil so more time to write a decent post! I am still stunned to think I have hit the 55 kilos lost...and a lil stunned to think being under 115 kilos is only 900 grams away - amazing! Even tho i know its my weight its still bizarre...

Yesterday went out for lunch. Work took us out but i was really good...i had only 1200 calories for the day...and i just had spaghetti bolognaise no bruschetta no garlic bread....then went for a walk around the lake afterwards...i took some pics so mite post them later. So by the time i got home i had like 250 calories left for dinner! LOL But survived...had 2 eggs scrambled with some ricotta cheese on a piece of multigrain bread.

Today is my higher calorie day and i am having a plain hamburger with cheese and 150 grams of hot chips ( i buy the chips weigh out my 150 grams and throw the rest out! lol) and i am soooooooooooo looking forward to it....i musta said at work today a million times "burger and chippies for dinner for me tonite!"

I really think under 100 kilos by the end of the year is really doable. One of the rewards for that will be instead of catching a bus for 10 hours when going to visit my sister this year i can take a plane...more expensive but definitely worth it! They live on the with luck i mite feel brave enuff to go swimming with the kids or something. But i need to also think of something else as a reward to work towards for getting under the 100 kilos. Nothing TOO expensive...i have wondered whether maybe i should organise a weekend to melbourne...for late november/early december (i should be under 100 kilos or very close by then) and with cheap flight prices it wouldnt cost too much. Plus i know plenty over there...not just some ww of my close friends from school who we were both obsessed with ballet (and she now runs her own ballet school) lives over there...i havent seen her for 20 years plus and i know she would like to catch its a thought...its the only real "treat" that i can think of...any suggested for cheap ideas ($400 or under) greatfully accepted lol just dont suggest pandora bracelets as they arent my thing ;)

Ok off i go...have a good saturday nite all!


To Band or not To Band? said...

Yee hah! Fantastic work!! I am doing tiny rewards for along the way! But, maybe a day spa/pamper package/weekend in a health resort?!?

Natalie said...

Thats awesome Kazz. When I started reading your posts, you were over 130 kg and I was around 105. Now I'm 114.5 and you're 115.9. I'm gaining, you're losing. Do the'll be skinnier than me in a couple of weeks. AND do you know what ....I'm so pleased for you!
Can you blow some of that motivation dust my way?

Andrea said...

Congratulations Kazz you are a sensation! I hope the healthy Life Awards are on your radar! As for rewards what about a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?