Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok firstly...if u are interested in a fitness this post.

I am starting to think I am not eating enough. Since last thursday...i seem to have gained over half a kilo...last thursday morning i was 114.7 this morning i was 115.3 kilos. Not the end of the world...but I obviously want to be losing...i will wait till saturday morning...if i am not under 115 kilos...i will up my calories by 100 calories per day and see what happens.

I made the yummiest salad last nite...was out of michelle bridges had in it chickpeas, baby spinach leaves, feta, red onion, beetroot...with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of balsamic say it was delishus is the understatement of the year. I took the leftovers to work for lunch...and one of the bois even asked me for the recipe! LOL

Went to the gym today...talked to fiona about the fact the measurements of my legs and arms increased while my body decreased and the scales went down...i actually asked if we should do smaller weights...but she doesnt feel its a real issue...she feels that the muscle has prolly changed shaped...and its ultimately just going to help me reach my goals (due to muscle burning calories even at rest). The weights i do are pretty heavy (52.5 kilos for LAT pull down today and one legged on the leg press at 50 kilos) but fiona doesnt really want me to cut back on ill see how the trend goes over the next few months...and focus on more muscle = more calorie burning at rest.

Then as i left the gym...the receptionist asked me if i wanna go in a challenge LOL...its called "tour de fox"...the first week of the to cycle for 160.5kms!!! Holy cow!!! And next week is to run/walk 42kms lmfaooooooooooooooooooo i wont reach 160.5kms on the takes me 30 minutes to cycle around 12kms...but to aim to hit 100kms...would be a really we will see how i go! LOL wish me luck as i start to get this tally going...the aim tomorrow will be to cycle 20kms lmfao.

Oh and i had some exciting news....i bought this lil grey skirt off ebay...its a size 16...lil elasticised waist and is knee length...made of silky material...well...last nite....i tried it on...not expecting it to fit...does it fit? ummm yeh LOL in fact its loose the F**K did that happen???? im stunned and keep thinking it must have been labelled wrong! LOL So on thursday i am going looking for some shoes and stockings and if i can find them i will wear it on friday. Friday arvo we have a work would be nice to look half decent! LOL Imagine buying freaking stockings....who woulda thought it....and yes...if i wear it...i will make sure i get some pics!

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