Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26 2006

Well...hmmmmmmmm my mind is a thinking. i think i need to do some formal exercise...after reading Tanias journal entry i got thinking. So i have too obvious options...fernwood fitness centre or curves. so i could go to curves the thing with that is its in a class and knowing me i will get conscious of my size and maybe not go back...but then again its only 30 minutes per class and its closer to home then fernwood...and i ahve heard really good reports...the other thing is i would be scared of not keeping up with the class. The other option is fernwood..which is further away...but i can work on my the weights and the treadmill. I dont need to worry if anyone is watching me or keeping up to others...but then again the fact it is by myself theres not that push level to keep up so maybe it wont do me as good....ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish i knew what to do. The other option i guess is aqua...but most of those classes in my area are held in the evenings when i am at its winter and i have a real problem with getting the flu/chest nfections and i dunt wanna increase that chance. So i just dont know what to do. Maybe ill call them both tomorrow and see...curves i "think" has one week i guess could always try that and see how it goes. Well if i join anywhere would be next friday so i have a week or so to think about it...ugh decisions !!!!

Did go for a walk in my first break of work yesterday and today so that is good. Things are slowly getting there...okies its late and im lazy hah and only a hour of work...gonna talk to my bois....laters all

kazz =)

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Tania said...

Don't you just hate it when you can't decide what to do? I've also heard a lot of good things about Curves but unfortunately the last time I checked they didn't have one near me otherwise I would probably consider it myself. I think personally I like the option of Fernwood BECAUSE I do it by myself, sometimes it's easy to lose the motivation but I just have to stay committed, i'm sure if you choose Fernwood you will find the committment too.