Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24th 2006

weeeeeeeee weighed in and lost 700 grams. And im not starting to realise i need to look at this overall picture....for one thing...i need to remember i do have PCOS...and that i have had a HUGE issue with fluid...while my feet are perfectly fine now...Ive realised that i still have fluid in my calves altho its improved a lot its still a issue so i need to learn to feel good about how im going..and look at it...i mean ive lost nearly 7 kilos...4 losses in a all is good

While on good...i had this pair of jeans ive never worn...tried them on a few weeks ago and didnt even bother trying to do them up cos i knew i wouldnt be able too...well last nite i tried em on again and wooohooo go me they did up !!! Okies they were tight...but in another few weeks hopefully they will look nicer on me but yayyyyyyyyy me

Yanno I realise now whenever im not looking after my weight i jsut dont give a chit about myself...last night while getting ready to go out for dinner i thought...damn i want some jewellery...i wanna free gurlie so im gonna look on ebay see if i can find some nice pieces...

Okies time for wills n grace...have a good nite all

kazz =)


Hippygal said...

Now I know where the 4 kilos I have gained as come from..... it is all your fault LOL.

Whoohoo congrats on another great loss GO GIRL!!!!!!

Cheers Jaxx and have a good week :):)

kazz said...

hahahahahh nooooo imma innocent !!!