Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 23rd 2006

Happy sunday everyone !!!! Such a good days off!!!!

Got up relatively early (well early for me heh), so was up at 10.30am doing some washing. This afternoon I went outside for 20 minutes with the radio station i work at up high and raking leaves. Normally i get a gardner to do it (slack ass arent i?) but decided to do it myself and was rather nice with the sun on my back. I have this gorgeous courtyard and its bare....prolly cos ive been too lazy...but i think im gonna get some plants to tend too. Maybe even a nice big concrete or terracotta pot, we will see. In another 20 minutes or so I am going to go for my walk for 30 minutes and tonite i am going out to dinner with my parents. Due to Anzac Day I am weighing in tomorrow at 5pm so hope the late evening weigh in doesnt affect my loss too much. I am trying to be realistic now and aim for a loss of 700 grams...anything more is a bonus. So i am aiming for 700 grams but I would like to reach 900 grams as then I would reach 7 kilos I have lost so we will see...okies out of here time to go get ready for my walk...will be back tomorrow to let you know the results of my weigh in

**update** omg i bought jillian michael from the biggest losers dvd and just did 10 minutes of it...its not a beginners dvd but i managed 10 minutes and omg i may die right now hah but that felt good

kazz =)1

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