Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22 2006

**Phew** another good day !! Woke up and before breakfast decided to do the ballet. Well I thought ballet being controlled exercises it wouldnt be cardo....hahaha I was wrong. So I managed 10 minutes....but I know it was a real good quality 10 minutes. I could hear my old ballet teachers words "heel first" "elbows up" "follow thru" heh so I was very concious of doing it as well as I could. So have decided for the next week and a half I will do 10 minutes of that. I also went for a 15 minute walk in my first break at work and I think I will keep doing that every if I do that on work days thats 125 per just over 2 hours per week...but also on my days off I will still go for a 30 minute walk. so thats a total of 3 hours per week. Which I realise thats not heaps of exercise but when you weigh 165 is a lot of work. As I go down in size my exercise will increase.

Food wise I have been very good again. I still have my headaches which I think now are due a lot to diet change...but they are getting less...I am taking asprin several times per day which seems to be helping them from getting too bad.

Anyway thats all for today =)

kazz =)

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zweckky said...

Well done Kazz. You'll be a ballerina again before you know it! Zweckky