Monday, April 17, 2006

April 17th 2006

Well another good day altho recovering from a migraine ugh which hit me late last nite. I was gonna walk today but the fact it poured with rain and the migraine I didnt go but if the headache settles a bit more i mite put some music on later and dance for 30 minutes.

Was good food wise...I survived easter !!! yay yay yay I know Ive been good and I am positive it will show on the scales tomorrow morning...I am hoping for a loss of 1 kilo...Id love to hit 7 kilos but I dont think I will make that but hopefully I will make a total loss of 6.5 kilos will let you all know tomorrow anyways.

Tonight I am spending a nice quiet nite in front of the tv and watching wills n grace - i so love that show!!!

I took photos of me today I will take more in about a month and see if theres any difference...altho I think it will be a while before I notice a difference

okies off to watch tv

kazz =)

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