Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well elloz allllllll happy happy easter !!!

Well i have been very good...yesterday i did grocery shopping and bought ingredients to do cooking tomorrow. Last night i cooked pasta with ricotta & spinach out of the slimming magazine and settled down in front of the tv to watch wills & grace. It was very yummy and very relaxing. Was 7 points for the meal...and a large meal so all happy =) and then of course sat there laughing my head off at wills n grace.

Today i had 2 hot x buns for breakfast and one cadbury creme egg and rest of the day i ate good. The family was having a bbq with sausages and potatos and onions....instead i had a meat patties home made with carrot and then i took my own salad so i was very good. I need to go for one more walk this week and then ive met the goal i set out which was to walk for 30 minutes 3 times this week, so tomorrow i will do the final walk and then of course weigh on tuesday morning - okies till laters =)

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Hippygal said...

Man I have eaten so much chocolate in the last week, I still feel sick from it all. Tuesday I am back on track and back into exercising.

Cheers jaxx