Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday April 14th

Well was up early today...was showered, breakfast eaten and out the door by 10am (being a evening worker 10am is early !) We then headed up to Murray Bridge to Monarto Zoo which was really kewl...i took a heap of photos was very kewl. The kids loved it and there was a lil bit of walking (you are taken around in a bus). We then went into the town for lunch, being good friday there wasnt much open and everyone else wanted fish n chips UGH!!! And the fish n chip shop was the only one that was open so I settled for a chicken yiros...which while im sure is high in points it isnt in the fish n chips category (i hope) we then went to a antique store which we walked around for about 45 minutes or so. Then we came home...soon as we walked in the door I also walked out the door to go for a walk. And I walked for 30 minutes....oh boy my feet n legs ache tonite...i find walking hard and i guess i will for a while but i need to keep going with will get better specially as i keep losing weight. I am going to give my mum the chocolate hot cross buns (5 points a bun??? nooooooooooooooo way!!!) but i will pick up a fruit pack tomorrow and thats my treat. No chocolates at all. So weigh day will be here again before i know it i really hope i get a good loss again...damn i know i deserve a good loss LOL okies happy easter all =)


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