Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well elloz all =)

YaY the migraine is mostly gone !!! I feel much better! The problem was due to my antidepressants I cannot take anything with codeine in it so I couldnt take anything stronger then panadol. So weight loss so far this week I doubt has gone too well...tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping and I am gonna buy a low impact exercise dvd, which is my reward for reaching my 5 kilos...Ive decided that all my rewards are going to be things to help me with my weight loss. I think I will walk to the shops tomorrow too...I think it will be a 30 minutes walk (maybe more) then walking around the shops should do me good and get me back on the exercise.

I love feeling the back of my calfs at the moment (theyre my new fetish hahahah well after grrls of course=]) but altho still big they are feeling toned...I can feel muscle and the fluid is all gone...YaY - improvements are happening

When at the doctors last night I mentioned I ahd head on the ww forum about a "care plan" its where you go to a physio and over 5 sessions they develop exercises for weight loss designed specifically for yourself, so my doc did the paperwork for me and I will call the physio in the morning maybe with luck I can get in on monday.

So I am starting to think things are happening and progressing for me...this is a huge priority for me. Ive also cut back on my radio shifts...I was doing some very late ones...and so have been overtired which is not helping me so this week I am only doing two (which im a bit pissed about but thats another story lol) but I will get to bed nice n early (well 2am ish which is early for me lol)

Okies off to do some work =)

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