Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 19 2006

Well I still have this headache..ugh...its really kicking my ass...and I cant take panadeine forte cos it causes like a overdose reaction with zoloft (and it does yesterday I was like a zombie) I am going back to the docs tonite..all I can really take for it is nuerofen which isnt really helping. I feel ok when sitting but soon as I try and get up and walk around or do anything it reminds me "hello headache still here"

So I havent exercised this week yet obviously I really wanna go back to work tomorrow and get back to walking fingers crossed. I am really not bothered by the small loss this week...cos I did start to exercise...all the fluid in my feet and legs is gone now and I actually feel muscles on the back of my calfs which is great...theyre hard ! lol not soft and bouncy like the fluid was and you can see my actual ankle things are happening things are changing. I am so determined this time it aint funny...altho obbiously being sick I dont know if I can expect a big loss next weigh in,,,,but hopefully I will be back and walking tomorrow.

I gotta say the ww 30+ forum has been a life saver I find visiting there so motivating...the gurls there are great and I have recieved some great advice and support from there....okies enuff computer I need to go lay down...take care all

kazz =)

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