Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Day 1 of my journal

Welp this is it .... the new blog/journal. Lemme brief you all were im at...for those who don't know me i am 38 years old, single, lesbian. And wanting my life back .. oh and a girlfriend to go with it would be good too =)

I went back to weight watchers 2 weeks ago and weighed in at 170.9 kilos...ugh!!! Last week I weighed in and had lost 3.7 kilos!! Yay me. I will be weighing in tomorrow at lunch time and am expecting another loss. Its been quite different this time...i havent been obsessing about food I have really find it quite easy at this point.

For the last 6 months or so i have had a real problem with fluid. It was to quite a extreme in my feet and calfs. But i know how them back to normal...there still a tiny bit of swelling but hell i can see veins and all now im excited i feel like im getting normal and its the first difference ive noticed from the new lifestyle.

This weekend being easter my sister and her kids are down. They arrived today and i will see them tomorrow nite..I rang mum and said what will be for dinner and mum being mum was very vague LOL so i said ill bring my own dinner around. So I am gonna take one of those ms crockets ceaser salads around which i love (and are only 2.5 points!!!) and either if theyre having some lean meat have a piece of that or ill boil an egg at mums and slice that and add it.

As for my treat for easter i dont want any chocolate (altho i think work is giving us some ugh) but instead i decided a 6 pack of chocolate hot cross buns so i still get a treat but i think they wont be too deathly for the week after easters weigh in.

I have the etools with ww which are a god send and ive actually been tracking which i really think has made a major difference. Okies a short post tonite...will be back tomorrow to update my weight



Hippygal said...

Whoohoo so good to have you back :):). And a great loss last week girl.

Cheers Jaxx

kazz said...

yay!!! yes i am !!! yay me - yay us !!!

Tania said...

Hey Kazz good to see you blogging again and congrats on a huge first week loss. Hope this weeks weigh in went well, will check back soon to find out! :-)