Friday, December 05, 2008

YAY its friday

Got up this morning...pulled on the jeans and oooeeerrr thee even though i ahvent stepped on the scales im guessing ive put on about 2-3 kilos. As i walked to work i got thinking about it all...and was thinking oh well in the new year ill be back at ww...but stuff gonna go back before xmas. Id go this monday night except finances are a lil tight this week due to a ridiculously high electricity bill lol so would have to wait till 15th december...which i know mite sound a lil strange starting right before xmas but i think its wise to do.

I also thought about the wii some more...and my brain is really struggling to justify spending $500 on it so think i will get the gym shoes as well as buy the ww scales. I will try whenever i can to go to the tuesday mornign ww meeting cos SA's best leader lol christina takes that meeting last i heard...and when i cant ill go monday evening. The more i think about it the more i think its the right decision...i can work my social life in with it which has been a huge stumbling block with the fernwood plan.

Tonite there is a girls nite on at the old beanz bar which i will prolly go to...i tell u i have completely forgotten what its like to have a complete weekend at all...thankfully no plans saturday and sunday ... apart from housework and moving into the other bedroom not planning to do a great deal...will prolly do some dvd watching i suspect and also i have lots of books i havent read so will go thru them mite start to do some reading...also mite put some books ive read and a couple of tops that no longer fit me on to ebay...give me a lil extra cash ;)

Well not a great deal else to to have my weetbix...have a good friday all !

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