Thursday, December 04, 2008


Tomorrow nite there is another girls nite out (yes another one lol) so trying to decide whether to go...i think i will as seems EVERYONE is going...and always good to support these kind of events. Someone i like is going and i have a suspicion someone else who likes them is going thats made me a lil tentative but i am sure i will go (plus felicity says she is going to nag me via text LOL) Its at hindley street at some old club called beans and has a lush (who i think ive heard off before) and lots of my friends are going so should be good.

Sent out invites for my birthday via facebook & emails yesterday. So far I have 9 people going ! OMG -dies of shock- and so far no one has said no altho i know one or two wont be able to make it (its a chit time of the year to celebrate ya birthday in all honesty) AND the girl i like sent her a invite and shes replied back already that she is going to come as well...woo hoo =] that maybe a good sign LOL

Im still contemplating things I will spend my xmas money on...and as well as the gym shoes or bike the thought of a wii is a very definite prolly have to put it on layby....but i could pay 50% off it in the days after xmas at least...and then hopefully have it within a month or so...its not gonna replace the gym or anything but would be good to have something fun to increase the incidental exercise.

This weekend i am planning to get into the baking...gonna make a big lot of lasagne (from STGTBT books) and mite even make some scrolls which i havent had in forever.

Work is relatively quiet today (touch wood) so hopefully it continues to be a good day...when i get home tonite im putting a colour thru my hair need to cover a couple of grey hairs that are peeking out LOL

Okies not much else going on...back to the grindstone...enjoy =]

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