Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well i am moving bedrooms this neighbours are driving me nuts ! I am not sure if they are incredibly loud or just my previous neighbour was incredibly quiet. I never use to hear my old was bliss...these ones i hear the snoring...i can hear them talking in the bedroom in the morning...and last nite they were outside about 10pm at night talking...and i was in my bedroom which is on the first floor and i could hear them ... they were loud enough that id been asleep and it woke me up. So thats this weekends task to move the bedrooms around.

Last nite was in chat and was asked if i am going to this girls nite on friday nite...i was like no (jsut paid my $480 electricity bill - eek) and it was the first time id said no to going out...and i think that i need to get thru my head that its ok to sometimes say no.

Ive been thinking a lot about the weight loss thing...and have come to the conclusion that fernwoods way is a diet not a lifestyle. I said the other week to her...this plan is very restrictive...and she agreed and then said but it needs to be or you wont lose. And i understand what shes saying but i think its TOO restrictive. I went to yesterday and they say i should be eating 1800-2200 calories per day, the plan fernwood has me on is 1700 calories. Now I think there plan has a lot of pluses about it and i have eaten more vegetables on a daily basis then ever before and my carb proprtions are at a good level (not excessive like before) but i suspect i need more protein. I am thinking maybe i need to take what theyve taught me about food groups etc (something i never focussed on before) and use that in conjunction with ww. Whilst I wanna do that I am also worried about the reaction of fernwood....i know the next time i walk into fernwood and see eve shes gonna be on to me to find out when i am seeing her next. So thats a lil concern but when I go back I will prolly book a time to see Hannah who does all the membership stuff to organise my second PT session a week for 10 weeks and maybe speak to her about it all. I think possibly when I am down around 100 kilos the fernwood eating plan would make sense but not right now...i really need to be focussing on "its a lifestyle" They have a meeting at 7pm on monday nites (which i could make 5 out of 7 weeks) and the other 2 weeks...i could try and organise a shiftswap or at the very least make it one out of them at the tuesday morning session. Or i could just follow the ww plan on my own and see even to be weighed and measured...only problem with that is i feel like im "cheating on her" if you get my drift. So as you can see weight loss isnt about to fall by the way side...its actually getting a lot of thought and i really want 2009 the year that really makes the difference.

Okies not much else to say !


I was reading Joamys journal today and she had posted her first ever I was curious went back to my first entries (august 06 when i first seriously joined ww) and i noticed a couple of things...firstly i was eating food was 100% and i was drinking my water...but i was having treats...there was mention of ww desserts and fruit muffins...but i was having BIG losses (as high as 3.5 kilos per week) so obviously my body has the ability to also convinces me more that ww is the way to go...i was embracing "lifestyle" i was still fitting in work functions and the odd nite out at the i think in the new year thats the first thing...more then anything...i need to not do "fernwoods diet" and instead do "wws lifestyle" I was also baking more...utilising the STGTBT books...which i havent recently so thats the other thing and increase my activity. For xmas my mum always gives me money...ive been thinking what to spend it on and am half says use it to go get fitted for new gym shoes...the other half of me says go buy a bicycle with it...decisions decisions...i never had a bike as a mum refused to buy me one as she said i was too dangerous on love to get one...but worried about injuring will have to give that some more thought.

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Tania said...

Good for you! I think it's important to focus on what you can stick with in the long term.

For me personally, I don't get home from work until 5.30pm and then want to focus on my 2 kids - WW is the ONLY thing that fits in that weight loss lifestyle! On their program I can have a toasted sandwich, Lean Cuisine etc for dinner on work days and not feel like i've "blown it", that's what counts!

I think the best thing you can do regarding Fernwood is to be honest with them that you don't think it's working for you and you don't feel you can maintain the restrictive eating long term - that's a much better concept than wondering when she's going to corner you to ask when your next session is - you'll feel so relieved.