Monday, December 01, 2008

Tanias comments to my post a few days back got me thinking. Saw it when I got home from work tonite...grabbed my slimming & health magazine...and went for a soak in a tub. The magazine anyway had a story about "tough love" with yourself. It got me thinking,,,maybe i am simply feeling sorry for myself? And maybe my self talk has fallen by the way side? When I first started ww i did a lot of self talk to get my head in the right place. And at the time it worked. Now suddenly I am getting stuff I want but i am still not happy???? I have been completely focussed lately on going back so my solitude life would be the easy option...but why is that even coming up as a option? Its time to change my thinking....time to stop questioning what I am doing...and just DO

For the remainder of this month without the simply gonna stick to being healthy and hopefully returning back to the gym at the same weight. Its time to get a old fashioned diary and keeping a diligent record of my food and exercise. Its time to set some goals...weight and non weight ones. I also need to talk to my dietician....when i went in the other week i said i wanted to weigh in more then once a month that i needed the accountability and she said we will go to weighing fortnightly....but when I go back i need to tell her i want to be weighed once a week. I need to take the option of going back to my old lifestyle out of the occassion. I mean lets admit it life is pretty damn good at the moment...i have friends...i have a actual social is going fine...and a new year is only a month away....nearly time for more new goals. I need to be consistent with setting monthly goals as well as some longer term goals. Was funny I wrote this post last nite and had thought of some things i wanna achieve and saw jaxxs journal and saw some the same as she has added to her journal (specifically the 500 grams per week to lose 26 kilos) So i will work on that later and add over the next few days.

Feel quite good has now managed to give me 4 days off over over my moodiness about xmas. I am planning to have a "L word" day on xmas day...just sit down and watch all 3 series I have and it kinda works good having the 4 days off cos its a bit of a pain getting to work from mums house.

Okies not much else going on..byessssss

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Tania said...

I too struggled with Fernwood's eating plan. You're doing the right thing - if something doesn't feel like it's clicking then the worst thing you can do is continue with it - what's the saying "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten".

When you have a lot of weight to lose and are losing motivation with the current situation the BEST thing you can do is change things - good on you for having the foresight to put your gym on hold for a month, i'm sure it will bring you a lot more motivation in the New Year.