Monday, December 01, 2008

Went to the feast picnic yesterday and had a nice day, altho I am sunburnt...specially on my foot - ouch!

I sent a email off to the gym yesterday telling them i want to suspend my membership for the month of december. I feel quite blah about it and dont have the same level of enthusiasm I had a few months ago,,,,maybe its the time of the year??? Or maybe its just me being me lol The thing is also the gym is closed quite a few days this month or on restricted times it seems silly to pay...and this way I will have a real break that will hopefully regenerate my enthusiasm. When I go back in January the plan is to do two PT sessions a week for 10 weeks and really kick start the losses. The other thing I wonder about is the meal plan...its 1700 calories (or is that kilojoules) im pretty sure i should be having around 2000 per day so i wonder if thats led me to finding it lately quite restrictive...what i need to do is sit down and do a bit of research. The thing is if i modify there plan at all..i feel guilty when i hand in my food diary each week. I even wonder if maybe i should just follow ww taking into account of eating the right food groups...cos at least that way u are eating the right amount for your weight. So my thought is maybe get ww online but the etools but go to the gym for weigh ins...its a thought....

Yesterday was a good relaxing day. I enjoyed it...lots of people watching. Friday nite there is a girls dance in the city which I am debating going. Of course the golden dance is the week after so i have another golden dance coming up...but this weekend is CLEAN UP house needs a good clean...good dust n all that crap. I now also have 4 days off over now starting to look forward to 4 days of downtime. Thing xmas day mite turn into a major dvd watching day LOL. I saw at darrall leas they have mini xmas puddings for one think I will prolly pick one of them up closer to the day and prolly on xmas eve just pick up a roast chicken (they have mexican flavoured ones at my local chicken shop) with some least i wont be tempted this year to nibble on crap ! LOL

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