Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Its tuesday !

Woke up yesterday morning and my eyeballs ached...seems weird huh? Anyway so off to the doc i went turns out it was just eyestrain, whilst there tho i had a chat to him about my moods. When i look back my moods have prolly got worse over the last 9 months or so but the up & downess of them all has got worse over the last 3 months. An example is yesterday i was like...thats it im quitting work...i dunt wanna go in there and deal with it anymore...today i cant even believe i was thinking like that. Ive also noticed when i compare my journal entries especially over the last few months to back to late 2006.... i am thinking too much...i am focussing on too much instead of going with the flow, anyway i have prolly been having one or two days per week where i am really down, and even getting very frustrated and angry towards people (which is not like me) so anyway me and the doc chatted and he has put me back on the meds, i feel like this is a good move...so will start taking them once i fill the script on thursday.

The inspection of my unit is on monday...i have thursday, friday and sunday off so plenty of time to get everything spick and span (altho in reality theres not much to do) ive asked for a shift swap on monday but if that cannot be worked in...i will work 7am-11am and then scoot home the inspection will occurr anytime between 12.30pm and 3pm. And then that night i will be returning back to ww.

I am all quite content about spending xmas day/eve by myself now. I have a small and not a very good kitchen whilst ill be staying at my mums she has a nice kitchen...good oven etc...so im planning xmas eve to just do a pile of baking which i will take home and freeze. Xmas day will do the L word thing.

Okies thats enuff blabbler for today... enjoy all


Tania said...

Hope going back on the meds helps to regulate your moods! I agree with you regarding the thinking of WW all the time, I was the same, when I started to just automatically do the weight loss thing without the focus things started happening and the results I wanted have started - early days yet but i'm sure it's helped.

J said...

I hope you feel better soon xx Jess