Saturday, December 20, 2008

Things are going good !

Woke up bright and early today...15 minutes before my alarm went off (and was due to go off at 6.15am ) so im impressed...the good eating is obviously helping in me getting out of bed on time. I am being very strict about my never before...I have always tracked in my head and not weighed things...and this would be my downfall I think...was shocked to discover a cup of uncooked pasta is 4.5 points i use to count it as 2-3 points and i would have way more then just a cup LOL I am still really impressed with me doing 34 minutes of the biggest loser DVD last nite..I think I have the walk away the pounds dvd at home too...if i do ill do that tonight...if not ill prolly do the biggest loser one again. I think the fact I have got it into my head that its 27 points per day no ifs or but is making a points should drop down to 26 next week. I did jump on the scales this morning and showing a loss of around 1.4 kilos and while i realise thats fluid and not fat loss its all still a step in the right direction.

Its a gorgeous day..unfortunately tho i am working till 3.30pm and then back in early again tomorrow. I got invited out to the local pub last nite and tonite (by 2 different friends) but cant go too either...cos im just on too early a start.

I am gonna buy the ww points scales on wednesday at my meeting - im getting money for xmas so that will be my present...and i think they will be worth their weight in gold...specially when trying to measure out 5 grams of damn parmasan cheese !

Only 2 more days after today and I have 4 days off work weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cannot wait...gonna be so friggin relaxing and xmas day is gonna be a big dvd watching day lol i checked on ezydvd's website this morning and dammit they are still out of stock of series 4 of L mite have to purchase something else to keep me occupied xmas day.


Exercise update (this mite become a regular thing lol) ,,,, put the music on and for 20 minutes danced in the living room....then i did 100 steps on the stepper...then did 20 reps with my lil weights.....20 reps in the 3 different arm all in all 28 minutes of exercise....yay me !


Joanne said...

Are you seriously telling me that christmas day all you are going to do is watch dvd's???? CAN I HAVE YOUR LIFE PLEASE?? That sounds like heaven on a stick.
I have to clean the house, cook the lunch, clean up, pack everything for three people for a week away and drive to Kadina, make nice with the relatives there, set up the shack and collapse into bed.
What time shall I be over for the dvd's?? LOL

kazz said...

COMPLETELY serious ! will be a me my family will be away. But I am actually looking forward to it...altho of course i will be cooking a small turkey roll...and that will be the extent of it...turkey and salad works for me lol

Joanne said...

You day sounds great but if you want to come and spend lunch with us, you are more then welcome. MIL is cooking the turkey, I am doing the pork and lots of veg so if you want to come, email me I am in Paralowie so its not that far from where you are. I totally understand if you would rather veg in front of the tele. I know I would!!

kazz said...

Thanks for the offer =] I actually have asked another friend around to watch dvds so i MAY have company...but im not bothered...and its nice cos im gonna have COMPLETE control of my eating ;)

Tania said...

Just caught up on all your news - glad to hear everything is going so well for you. I am so so envious of your Christmas day!

Look forward to following your journey in the New Year!

Tina said...

Kazz, I am thinking of going to the 12pm Wednesday meeting in the city because mine will be closed on christmas day. Is that the one you go to? I might see you there.

Just been reading your blog and wanted to say hi and to say how well you are going.

Keep up the good work.

kazz said...

Hey tina - yes it is the 12pm wednesday meeting i go too. Its a small meeting cos they just reopned but i like it there. They have moved address so its not in king william st anymore...but if ur going to be there definitely say hi ! I will too if i see u =] And thanks for the nice words. =]