Sunday, December 21, 2008


I feel good today, really good. The scales are moving nicely and even tho i was at work bright and early i still am in a really good mood. I have tracked all of today food...and have 5 points left. So i think when i get home from work ill slot in a extra banana (ive got large ones at home) which will only leave me with 2.5 points. But as tomorrow work is doing hotdogs for lunch...i will use those points to enable me to have the hotdog.

Tonight I will do the biggest loser dvd and try to get all the way thru it. What I really need to do is get a few more dvds maybe the walk away the pounds so i can do different ones on different days

Its weird that now I have my head screwed on okay...some of the posts on the ww forums seem so ridiculous. The number of posts of i ate bad, or i gained or im off track...PLEASE of course we get motivation from the forums and support and advice but how are we suppose to help? In all the times i have struggled i never once posted something like pretty much sounds like someone is saying wahhhhhhhhhh find me a easy way to do this...

Tomorrow is my last day of work before my 4 days off weeeeeeeeeeee so friggin looking forward to them.

Also a reminder my journal is going private please please email me if you want to be able to view it after tuesday on

okies off to do some work since thats what im here for ! lol

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Tania said...

What? You mean you post from work instead of working ... lol

Enjoy those days off Kazz, gotta love time like that! As to the WW forums, i'm looking forward to jumping on board with them while i'm on holidays for 3 weeks but couldn't agree with you more regarding your comments.

After all nothing worth having comes easily. Enjoy your hot dog tomorrow!