Monday, December 22, 2008

Nearly there.....

YAY its my friday today ! I have 6 hours and 50 minutes to go till im off for 4 days (but whose counting eh? lol) I keep saying I cant wait to sleep in but Ive got a very strong suspicion I will be waking up bright and early. This morning my alarm was due to go off at 6.45am and i woke up and got up at 6.15am. I mite have to stay up till about 11pm or so tonite and that way ill prolly sleep in till at least 7am LOL

I am still going really good with my food. I have 7 points saved and may use one or two of them today as I am having the hot dog for lunch. I also have earned 5.5 exercise points (nothing huge i know but its all a step in the right direction) and every day i have drunk between 1.2-1.8 litres of water so thats getting pretty close to the mark too.

Seems I might have plans NYE but im still deciding on them. Their is a girls dance out at St Marys only problem is I have to work at 8am the following morning and at first i thought ill go and only stay till 12.15am-12.30amish but the more i think about it the more I think I may need to skip it...It will be so hard to get a taxi on the nite and i really will need absolute minimum 5-6 hours sleep. So still deciding on is only a few days later I am going out for my birthday so mite just save myself for that only lol

Okies not too much else to say...have a good day all =]


WOOT 1 hour and 37 minutes to go ;)

We are deadly quiet at work today. They changed the roster this week so that a lot of people are off xmas day so we have a large number of staff in and so thankfully we are quiet. Anyway as we are quiet i decided to read back over some of my journal...i was reading the first half of this year....and realise how far I was from being in the right head space. There was a lot of moaning about past stuff, going from one program to another like i was changing my underwear lol (think i just my plan of action 4 times in January alone) i think i just wasnt damn happy. A while ago...novemberish i think it was i had a bit of a light bulb moment which i kept to myself...and that was about how im sick of playing the victim...sick of giving others the power...i wont allow myself to be the victim anymore...and i think thats got a lot to do with how my head is at the moment. I really am at a good place. Prolly for the first time EVER im truly following the really seeing my daily points like money in the bank...and i cant overdraw the bank account...but i can do some extra work on the side for some bonus points. I am happy, I ahve finally got a bunch of friends....and its not people who just put up with me...its people who truly like me...i finally don't see me having a girlfriend as a fantasy...I know it will happen...when the time is right...the unprocessed foods is working for me...i dont eat hard cheese often (only on tacos for examples...not on toast or sandwiches and im a HUGE cheese lover), im not eating much processed foods...the odd ww ice cream or cookie...but i use to eat a LOT of muesli bars before - no snacks are now bananas and mixed eating spinich most nites ! And have grated carrot and grated zuchhini quite a bit (and like i said...not a vegetable person) now that im combining ww with my fernwood starting to work the program...i feel really proud of a lot of my current food choices...2.30pm and 1.8 litres of water has been drunk...and im religiously it isnt funny...i know ive said it before but i am making this a huge focus. I feel now this is it the FINAL time...i am NEVER gonna be this weight not gonna rejoin WW EVER again...its over...this whole roundabout is over...this xmas and 2009 is all about me babeeeee...When I weigh in every week over xmas i will record losses...theres no more excuses of "oh this one time wont matter" points = no food

I have set myself some January 31 I wanna be under 143 kilos by the ww scales, by December 31 I have set 3 goals...the minimum goal i will accept from myself is under 120 kilos....the next goal i am truly aiming for is 110 kilos and the fantasy goal is 100 kilos...obviously its a fantasy goal cos its quite possible i wont make it...if i got under 120 kilos i would be really happy tho...and i need that focus...those things to aim for.

Okies one hour and 15 minutes to go....and then 4 days off!

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