Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOW @ potato gems

Well a lovely relaxing day at home today. Knew Id wake up damn early and i was awake a few minutes after 6am LOL

Mum messaged me last nite asked me to go over tonite...so decided mite as well start staying there as off tonite. She wants to show me where stuff is. im pretty much packed...did that earlier...have packed a pile of dvds...and mums got a computer so i should be fine.

So im over mums for dinner tonite ... i said what are you having? she was like....chicken drumsticks with french onion soul mix - tick...theyre fine....spinach and ricotta pastries...3 points a pastry...ok i can afford 2 of those....and potato gems...hmmmmm how much are they? well for 10 measley potato gems...which weigh only 9grams...where as a 100 gram potato is 1 point which i will cut into oven fries.

Im impressed with how ive done this week...i should finish the week with 7 points saved and 5.5 exercise points (gonna aim for 10 exercise points this week) I feel good...and deserve a good loss. Im confident of losing around 3 kilos will find out more tomorrow.

The gym sent me a xmas card today lol was hand written by my dietician...saying she was looking forward to catching up with me...lol...i will after xmas ring up and book PT sessions and a session with her for the week starting january 5. Also once the electricity bill has arrived and been paid (shouldnt be very big this quarter) i will book in for 10 weeks for the boxing PT sessions.

Anyway I will be back tomorrow...but in case you dont read my journal between now and then....i hope everyone has a fabulous xmas xox

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