Friday, December 19, 2008

Back into it all

Had a real good day foodwise yesterday. I tracked religiously (believe it or not!) even my parmasan cheese...ever tried to weigh out 5 grams of that stuff? But anyway i feel much better already...that bloated feeling is gone. One of my many weakness's is savoury bakery items (like sausage rolls, pies, quiches etc) and I have a bakery on my street...anyway in the last week or so I have visited them regularly...and I have now noticed the difference in my bloating. Amazing tho one day of eating good and drinking the water (1.8 litres yesterday) and the bloating is gone and my jeans are sitting nice again. YAY

Last night I sat down and planned out todays menu...just gotta stop at coles on the way home and pick up some ww bacon, tonight im gonna make a pasta sauce with bacon, tomatos, chilli and lots of vegetables.

Its amazing how when you are in control of your eating you just feel better all round isnt it? Must be the empowerment of being in control

Only 3 work days left and i have 4 days off yippee....................ok have a good day all :)


Woohooo I am sitting here sweating ! I decided after much talk about my biggest loser DVD to actually DO IT...last time i tried to do it...prolly 3 months ago i last 10 minutes of it...tonite 34 MINUTES BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i prolly could have gone a bit longer and dont laugh but one of my toes was cramping (gawd jody i can hear u laughing ur head off at that!) but its was cramping and i didnt want it to get real bad....but wooo im so proud of me ! I am now gonna sit here and read my slimming & health magazine. Was invited out tonite to the pub but blast gotta start work at 7.30am and as no one was going out before 8.30pm had to skip it...but i must say i feel religiously tracking, i exercised, i have a social life and i have 4 days off work next week plus my bday celebrations coming up - life is damn good !

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