Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well yanno it is a womans perogative to change their mind eh? Well no im not really changing my mind...just a slight different tact. I was reading thru the ww literature last nite and got to the point where it said about measuring yourself...hmmmmm lil hard to measure urself when u live alone...but i want those measurements done cos they are so important. This is one area where fernwood was better then ww in that they measured and did body fat. Now fernwood gave me their program free for 12 months so i still have 9 months of that left at no cost. So what i have decided is ... primarily i am following ww..and will religiously stick to the points but will primarily base my eating along the filling foods...but i will as well as being weighed at ww i will go to my appointments with fernwood so i will get measured and body fat measured as well. Also any week i cant make it to one of the sessions whether it be fernwood or ww i will still ahve the accountability for it for that week. Maybe some think its over the top but it makes sense to me.

There seems to be a slight change in the birthday plans...still going out for the drinks but at this stage prolly wont be staying in town on the nite (which to be honest mite not be a bad thing) I am contemplating maybe booking into a hotel on the nite of my actual birthday. At this stage I have absolutely nothing planned on the would be nice to do something...anyone else got any other suggestions that wont kill the bank balance of something i can do on my own?

Okies off i go...dont forget - email if you want a invite to the journal as it will be going private as of tuesday !

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