Monday, December 15, 2008

Its a new week....

Well yay inspection is over ! It all went really well...they are looking at putting a new dual system in one of the toilets and also they are going to reimburse me for the fluro lights i had to go buy. The landagent is really nice...she was here for about 45 minutes a lot of that time just chatting.

I was suppose to go to WW tonite..but i discovered they now have EIGHT meetings in the am going to go there instead on wednesday on my day off. The gym emailed me today and said my membership will recommence on 2/1 but my first debit wont be till 10/1.

I have decided whilst I am going back to not gonna be going to the forums. There are just too many rude and condescending people on it....that combined with how segregated the forum has become I dont think its anything I would gain from.

Birthday plans are coming along nicely...I have invited a bunch of friends to the wheaty....and a friend Leigh has pretty much convinced me to book into a hotel for the night. I am suppose to work the next day...but fingers crossed i can get a shift swap and have the next day off...then if i do....woooo hoooo look out adelaide...kazz may end up being led astray :)

Okies....I also do xstitch...havent done any in ages....but am gonna order a new pattern this week....still trying to decide between im gonna attach the links..would love any feedback or thoughts on which people like the better out of the two

1. Design One
2.Design Two

Okies off i go....have a good nite all =]


Hippygal said...

Design 2 for me :-).

donna said...

love them both but design 2 for me too