Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Signed up for unlimited !

Well I signed up for unlimited online today ! Im excited ! Im tired of the whole roundabout of weight loss...I want to get this weight shifted for good. I think I will primarily stick to my plan I was doing at fernwood but increasing it so i am eating enuff points. I had a play around earlier...interesting a lot of the "filling" foods I was already eating...I like how they highlight them in the tracker tho. I am going to a meeting lunch time tomorrow...and planning to do my biggest loser dvd in the morning (now my lounge room is all clear and tidy LOL)

Ive started playing backgammon again, I ahvent played it for ages. Mainly cos the tournaments i play in are in a US chat program and it costs like $12 US a month which with the dollar going down i decided cost too much. But a friend has given me a chat name on his account :) so now i can go in and play for free which is a bonus. I always find things like that relaxing and I love playing gammon altho its so long since i played i seriously suck at it at the moment LOL

Like jaxx i am going to make my journal private. I seriously dont know who reads the journal...and i think by making it private it would be more open...so if you want to be added to the private list email me on princesskaryn@optusnet.com.au and i will get u added....Ill be setting it all up to private monday or tuesday of next week.

The plans for the hotel room for the night of my bday celebrations has changed a lil. We are now talking about organising a 2 bedroom apartment...theres at least 3 of us planning on it...and I have asked a fourth friend along as well...you think 4 lesbians in a hotel will get up to a few hijinks? Im thinking so after a drink or two LOL

Not a lot else going on...having a good day all...only 2 more hours and im on a day off wooohooo

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