Thursday, December 11, 2008

Xmas presents and other stuff...

Well work was very good and gave me half a day off on monday for the inspection. So im off sunday and finish work at 11am on monday and then have wednesday off...not bad eh? lol Today I cleaned up the living room...dusted...pulled out the lounge etc vaccuumed behond it all also washed the coffee table cover apart from putting away the clothes airer and putting away a couple of things that room is already. Which was the main room to clean...ive only gotta vac the bedrooms, do the kitchen floor, the bathroom, and sweep out in the i will get all that done sunday afternoon...altho i mite do some tomorrow afternoon too.

Tomorrow morning i have to go out and do the grocery shopping then i have to dash into town and buy a new fluro tube for the second bathroom...then in the afternoon going over to mums to drop off the kids xmas presents so she can take them with her. Buying the xmas presents for the kids in the morning and i saw online target has 20% off toys till wednesday which is a bonus.

Then of course monday nite im going back to ww....have been reading the boards they start to introduce the new plan this week so my timing is good...theyre also opening one of the ww myer centres in adelaide in febuary which will help for the occassional week i cant get to meetings.

This weekend i work saturday and have nothing else planned apart from housework which im looking forward too...its expensive going out every friggin weekend. The rain is bucketing down at the moment i hope it bloody well settles down enuff so that i dont get drenched when going out in the morning.

Well thats enuff for tonite....i will be back monday or tuesday nite to let u all know how the inspection and ww went =]

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